Thursday, 23 January 2020

Card Distribution (Third Quarter)

 The report cards are a great way for parents to know how their child is perform in school. According to Friedman (1995) “the purpose of report cards is to convey information from the school to parents’ about a students’ educational progress.”

The Card Distribution for the Third Quarter of Lokeb Norte Elementary School was conducted last January 18, 2020. It is also a special day for the pupils who did their best for this quarter because they are awarded a certificates for being the academic excellence awardees of their class. Those pupils who being punctual and go to school every day whatever happens was awarded a certificates for having a Perfect Attendance for this quarter.

After a short program in awarding the certificates, the card distribution was started. It is the time where the parents can see the performance of their son/daughter through their grades.

The card distribution is very important to the parents and teachers because it is the right time to both parties to discuss/talk about the performance of their child through giving the strength and weakness of the pupil.

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