Friday, 13 March 2020

SPG Election 2020-2021 (Leadership Journey)

In any organization there must oneness, collaboration and cooperation. In order to attain such, set of leaders must emerge from the group. In doing so, goals and objectives for the welfare of the institution will be easily achieved.
                Lokeb Norte Elementary School believed that plans, mission, and vision of the school is realistic and within reach through the collaborative effort of the different sets of leaders.
Thus, Lokeb Norte Elementary had its Supreme Pupil Government election last February 14, 2020. Two opposing parties namely Democratic  Party and Liberal Party officially filed their candidacy last February 3, 2020. The certificate of candidacy filed by the both parties was evaluated by the committee of elections for validation last February 5, 2020.
After the evaluation done by the committee of elections last February 6, 2020 announced the official list of candidates for SPG 2020-2021. The campaign period done by both parties wherein they need to go room to room to introduced themselves to the voters. In the day of Valentines the elections of SPG was done last February 14, 2020. 
It was a healthy and successful election of the young potential leaders. All pupils in all Grade levels carefully casted their confidential votes. Eventually, a new set of SPG officers was established headed by the elected President, Rhean Angel F. Dela Cruz, an incoming grade 6 pupil.

             To formally launched and legally start the duties and responsibilities of the said group of officials, an oath taking ceremony was held on February 21, 2020. It is also a time to turn over the key of responsibilities by the outgoing SPG President to the newly elected SPG President for the SY 2020-2021.
The inducted officers as well as the teacher are equipped to do their duties and responsibilities.

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