Sunday, 21 June 2020

School Roll-Out Webinar (June 16-18, 2020)

       One of the program of our Division is to train their teachers to be more equip in the new normal life due to Covid 19 Pandemic. 


   To prepare the teachers they need to attain a training without a face to face interaction through called a webinar. The webinar conducted by our Division attended by 1 LR Coordinator and 4 digitizers of our 
district Malasiqui I.

            After the training given by the division to our District LR Coordinator and the digitizers, they had a tasked to re-echo what they have learned from this training to the LR Coordinator of every school together with the 3 digitizers teachers. The webinar conducted last June 9-11, 2020. 
            The Lokeb Norte Elementary School teachers participated in this school roll out webinar conducted last June 16-18, 2020. This seminar helped the teachers to be more productive and adapt the changes brought by this pandemic by proving that study continues even there is a pandemic.
            With the help of our Principal Mdm. Rowena G. Fernandez together with the School LR Coordinator Mrs. Mercedes P. Untalan this webinar made possible. The Resource Speakers during the webinar are the three digitizers who attended the district roll-out namely: Mrs. Melodie F. Diaz for the Open Broadcaster Software (1st Day), Mrs. Rejie P. Duazo for the  Kotobee Author (2nd day) and Mrs. Barbara F. Dela Cruz for the Cartoon Story Maker and MS Powerpoint (3rd Day).

FIRST Day Attendance (June 16, 2020)




Second Day of Attendance (June 17, 2020)





Third Day of Attendance (June 18, 2020)






     The three day webinar taught the teachers some techniques and strategies to prepare a digitized instructional materials that they can use during this new normal life for the continuous learning of our pupils.

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